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The 411 On Innovative Condoms For Men And Women

Condoms allow couples to have a safe and healthy sexual experience. However, condoms, like all other contraceptives, may fail due to misuse or product defects. There are a couple of innovative female and male condoms on the market that are taking the world by storm. The most innovative male condoms have been designed to combat any risk of failure, as they have an additional layer of protection.


The purpose of the condom is to help prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as to prevent the spread of a sexually transmitted disease or a sexually transmitted infection. Both male and female condoms have a physical barrier which prevents sperm or other body fluids from reaching the egg and fertilize.

Innovative Condom for Men

A spermicide condom is currently the most popular type of condom for males. A condom with spermicide is coated with a lubricant made of a chemical spermicide such as nonoxynol-9 or N-9, which captures and kills any sperm that comes into contact with it. This additional layer of protection is intended to serve as a backup in case that somehow the sperm passes through the barrier of condoms.

Innovative Condoms for Women

At the moment, condoms for women are not as innovative as the one previously mentioned. The most popular ones right now are made of latex. The condom for females is a pouch that has flexible rings at each end. Female condoms can be utilized by any female who can utilize a tampon.

There are two innovative condoms that are trying to get on the market though. The first condom is inserted like a tampon with an applicator that dissolves in about sixty seconds. The other condom is made of silicone. It unfolds and then should be pushed into the vagina. No release dates for these two innovative condoms has been announced. We’ll just have to wait for them to arrive in stores.


When it is used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, condom effectiveness is about 99 percent, according to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In addition, the World Health Organization estimated to be 80 percent effective in preventing STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infection). However, the effectiveness of a condom depends largely on correct use. When one takes into account human error, the effectiveness regarding pregnancy drops to approximately 70 percent. Using a condom with a spermicide may help to add additional protection against conception.

Increase effectiveness

Combining proper condom use with another contraceptive will increase protection against unwanted pregnancy. This is accomplished using a secondary method of contraception as a spermicide applied separately or pill form. While no method of avoiding pregnancy is 100 percent effective, even when they are combined, use two or three of them can serve as a reliable backup in case one of them fails.


To prevent failure, never use two condoms of any kind at the same time, as they can greatly increase the risk of tearing. Do not use a condom that has been stored improperly or past expiration date. Some substances can weaken the condom, such as oil-based lubricant, thereby increasing the risk of tearing. Read the warnings of all products based on any possible complication and always follow the instructions to reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or exposure to an STD or STI.